Sensory Gym

We receive sensory information from our bodies and the environment through our sensory systems (vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, vestibular and proprioception). This sensory information then needs to be organised and processed to be able to produce appropriate motor responses for successful participation in everyday activities. While it may just look like play, sessions in the sensory gym are extremely important in facilitating your child's skill development. Session activities use sensorimotor experiences that create the 'just right' challenge. They aim to develop and improve the brain's neural connections to develop physical, cognitive, sensory, communication, gross and fine motor skills.

Therapy Rooms

Play is one of the most important ways children develop essential life skills. Play is the foundation for the development of motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills. Children learn to make connections with others, develop social skills, explore their environment, use creativity and imagination and problem solve all while playing. Our therapy rooms provide a space for therapists to use a play-based approach to engage children in meaningful and fun activities as they work towards their goals. 

Outdoor Area

Gross motor skills are important for everyday movements like walking, climbing, kicking, throwing, catching, as well as self-care activities like dressing and toileting. They influence a child's ability to maintain an upright posture during seated tasks such as eating and writing. The outdoor area provides opportunities for kids to develop a range of gross motor skills like balance and co-ordination. The outside courtyard has a brand new play fort with a scramble net, ladder, post box, bucket pulley, chalk board and slide. There is a mud kitchen to encourage pretend play and sensory exploration by doing what kids do best... getting messy! Used for sessions and group programs, the outdoor area is a hit with all ages.

Waiting Room

Our waiting room is equipped with comfortable couches for you to enjoy before and during your child's session. There is also a small play area that has with books, toys and puzzles, for children to use.

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